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Algorithmics Solidarity

Algorithmic solidarity is more of a question (or a bunch of questions) than an answer or stable term. Here are some of them:

  • does the politics of the street intersect with the politics of digital materiality?
  • are the socio-political effects of algorithmization?
  • we redefine algorithmization in socio-political terms?
  • are the new forms of digital communalisation that can emerge?
  • which public places can the interfaces for social interaction be discussed?
  • can we play around with algorithms as tools for the social imagination?
  • does it mean to define ourselves through computing-based processes when computing overlaps with conventional cartographies?
  • we work from the network and communicate using the network, why can’t we use it as a tool for experimenting with new models of solidarity?
  • does it mean to be part of statistical fiction?
  • was the last time you felt the brutality of mathematical models… their affection… their ignorance?
  • asked to act against digital materiality, which action will you choose: settling, parasitism, hacking, ignoring, crossing or violence?

Please draw here the relation between algorithms and solidarity (we’d be very glad if could share this drawing with us.
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